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We help you acquire more customers. Interested?

" Don't waste your marketing dollars on broad, unmeasured tactics. We provide precise use of a marketing budget using highly targeted online approaches that blow away traditional methods. It's simple: you acquire new and repeat customers for much, much less than they are worth to you. ”
Westphal Digital Marketing Local Services

Local Results for You

We work with many different companies and professionals. In every case, the method and approach is the same. If you think your business or practice can't benefit - give us the chance to explain how it can. You might be surprised!

We know business is local so we help you get results, locally.

We Help Businesses in These Fields...

Financial Services

If you provide financial services we can help you. We have clients right now that are working with us to acquire more customers for loans, mortgages, insurance, and investment management.

Real Estate

Wouldn't it be nice to have a constant flow of buyer and seller leads? Or to control the online marketing and promotion of your high value listings to differentiate yourself. We do this.

Special Events

Looking to maximize your exposure and sell out a special event? Thinking of a flash sale or VIP gathering? We've done this - and provide all key contact info for retargeting and follow-ups.

Lawyers and Legal

Your professional services are highly valued. Wouldn't you like to have your service and console in front of the exact demographic that needs it, when they need it? We can, for you.

Jewelry Dealer

Want to market to the exact people who are having an anniversary in the next 2-4 months? We can. How about those likely to get engaged? We can. We'll you some ideas, it'll pay for itself quick.

Dentists and Chiropractors

We understand how to get you customers and know what they are worth to you when they walk in the door. We work with you on high value offers that result in more clients.

Retail and Products

We take online traffic and drive customers to your physical location. Through price, offers and promotion we grow your customer list and your average order value too.

Home Services

HVAC, landscaping, plumbing, roofing, construction and flooring are key business to consumer services that really benefit using our established approaches.


Are you taking on customers and looking to get more people through your doors? Are you expanding and wanting to grow your practice? We need to talk; we'll give you some ideas.

Auto, Boat and Bike Dealers

Put your inventory and offers in front of those you know are looking. How about market to the exact people who already have a certain vehicle or boat already? We can, it's possible.

Your Customers...

4+ hrs/day

spent online

2+ hrs/day

on social media

71% of traffic

is from a mobile device

Westphal Digital Marketing Local Services
  • Your customers are online: we give you a simple system for creating demand and reaching your precise target audience.
  • Your customers are mobile: we optimize for you based on how and where your customers spend there time. 

We go where your customers are

If you could get a new customer for $5, would you?

If you're not spending any of your marketing budget online you might be wasting your money...

(Absolutely no commitment needed, you might as well find out...)

Here's What Some of our Clients Have to Say:

We met with Brad and his team at Westphal Digital about handling our entire digital marketing approach for the 12 county Minneapolis metro area. They have the keys and latitude for our entire online and social media approach for over 80 physical stores and we couldn't be happier. Everything they do is trackable so it's easy to see results. They take online audiences and key demographics and drive foot traffic in our stores. These guys are fast and brilliant!

I went from no online presence one day to a custom website, social profiles, content strategy and paid advertising campaigns that are bringing leads and TONS of reach for me and our brokerage within 5 days! Incredible. After my colleagues saw this, 8 others joined up with Westphal Digital.

The team at Westphal Digital knows exactly how to help you make money for your situation. They don't confuse you with the technical aspects or how, unless you're interested in it. It's very clear they care more about helping you with business results and making money, not a smoke screen about technical mumbo jumbo. If you want a digital partner with business acumen, you've found them.

Brett Ashley Furniture
Wendy Loan Officer
Joe Progressive Lending

Wondering what's next, here's how it works

How it Works

By now you might be starting to think about how this might apply to your business or practice. Because the method and approach we use is repeatable, what we do for our clients is directly applicable to you too, we're sure of it. We work with many industries, businesses and professionals.

You may have some specific questions on your mind, that's perfect, we'd love to talk to you about them. The best way to see how we might help you and your business is to find a time to talk quick. If you want to see if this is right for you, lets talk for 30m. Click below and we'll find a time to get in touch. If you don't want to talk we'll handle it via email or text message, whatever suits you, no problem.

We will show you how to acquire customers using paid advertising that will help you profitably grow your business. That's all we care about, helping you make money.

P.S. Even if you don't want to move forward with us, we'll give you some ideas to look into that your competitors are doing right now.

P.P.S. If you're not spending any money on marketing and don't want to, this isn't for you


About Us

Brad-Westphal-Digital Marketing Agency

We are an agency providing digital marketing services, paid advertising management, analytics, tracking, e-commerce and inbound marketing using many different tools and systems. Started in 2014, we have grown significantly as many clients have retained our services to help them grow their respective businesses. We focus on local campaigns and geographic specific areas of interest while providing businesses measurable return on marketing investment.